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Jason Beghe of "Chicago P.D."

April 30, 201410 min
Jason Beghe stars as Sgt. Hank Voight on the NBC show, "Chicago P.D." Voight will seek justice in the town of Chicago by any means necessary. If it results in bending or breaking the rules, Voight will do it for his city. No matter how tough Voight is, he does have his team's back.

Voight and his crew work together for the second part of the special crossover event to find out who was responsible for the explosion in Chicago, while also dealing with the aftermath.

"The clock is ticking, because there is a good chance that another bomb is going to go off. It adds to the pressure and excitement. It's a damn, damn, DAMN good episode tonight. One of the things I am most proud of is that I really feel like the show started off really good, and it has just gotten better. That was the goal that we set out for ourselves, and we are pretty close to hitting it. This is an exciting episode tonight."

One of the aspects of "Chicago P.D." that sets it apart from any other procedural drama on te

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