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Jessica St. Clair of "Playing House"

April 29, 201411 min
Jessica St. Clair stars as Emma Crawford in the new USA comedy, "Playing House." Emma returns to her former hometown to help her childhood friend, Maggie (Lennon Parham), through her pregnancy. Returning home to face everything she once left, including her former high-school sweetheart (Keegan-Michael Key) and estranged mother (Jane Kaczmarek), just what can she possibly endure? We spoke with St. Clair about the character of Emma and how her life will change coming back home:

"My character lives in China. She's a high-powered businesswoman. She heads to her hometown for her best friend's baby shower. We then discover that the friend's husband is doing some not so nice things online with a very husky German woman. So, we need to kick him to the curb, and she's left in the lurch. So, I move home to help her raise the baby. So, essentially, it's two ladies and a baby."

She continues:

"When Emma comes home, she comes home to the small town she couldn't wait to get away. For her, it's li

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