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Max Thieriot of A&E's "Bates Motel"

March 10, 201410 min
Max Thieriot stars as Dylan Massett on the A&E original series, "Bates Motel." The character of Dylan shows up on Norma Bates doorstep in season one, with nowhere else to go, and viewers slowly began to see the complexity of his relationship with his mother, and the animosity he felt to his brother, Norman. Thieriot gave us some insight as to why he feels Norma and Dylan are alike in more ways than you'd think, and they they do love each other:

"For me, the relationship is a major roller coaster ride. It's constantly going through these ups and downs. When they finally hit a stride where they seem to be getting along, one of them has to purposely say or do something to make it worse. They almost get uncomfortable when their relationship is too good, because they are not used to that. One of them does something to purposely screw it up, and get back to their normal rocky relationship that they have. Obviously, underneath it all, they are still mother and son. They both still care and love each other, but they butt heads. They are too much alike in a lot of ways, so they battle."

When Dylan first came on the scene, it was clear that his feelings toward Norman stemmed from jealousy, as Norma favored Norman over Dylan. Thieriot spoke about the brother/brother relationship, and how that changed during the course of the first season:

"Dylan is jealous because Norman is the baby. Norman is constantly coddling him, and is clearly the favorite. It hurts Dylan, for sure. In the beginning, he doesn't want anything to do with Norman. As time goes on, he realizes, 'He is my brother, and he has some serious problems.' If Dylan can help him out or be there as his older brother, he can look past the B.S. that is going on in their lives and is able to take him under his wing and help him through what he can."

Expect to see a lot more action during the course of season two. Thieriot spoke on what viewers can expect, as well as the change in the character of Bradley, played by Nicola Peltz:

"We cranked it up this season. There is more chaos and more drama. There is this MORE of everything. Even now, where Brad was this innocent schoolgirl (sort of), she is more complex now. She has gone dark and has some serious issues. She is a different character than she was last year, and has shown that in the first episode of season two, because of what she is capable of doing now. I think everyone has those different elements this season, and we are going to see a lot of that down the road."

We spoke more with Max Thieriot about the character of Dylan as well as working with Jennifer Lawrence in the film, "House at the End of the Street."

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"Bates Motel" airs Monday nights at 9 PM on A&E.

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