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Michael Brandt & Derek Haas

April 29, 201411 min
Michael Brandt and Derek Haas are the creators and executive producers of "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." The two decided to bring the shows together for a special two-part crossover event. Beginning with "Fire," an explosion rocks the town, and then on "P.D.," the team work together to find out who was responsible. Brandt and Haas spoke about how the crossover episodes came into effect:

"We're thrilled. It was a chance for us to do a story that spans both shows, which we haven't done yet. It starts with 'Chicago Fire' where there is a bombing incident at a local hospital. The first responders have to kick into high gear, and one of their own is missing in the incident. It was one of the biggest we ever built and ever been on, and we have been on giant $100 million movie lots. So, I can't believe we got to do this for television, and I think fans will be on the edge of their couch during the hour.

While this may be the first crossover event for both the "Chicago" shows, another cro

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