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Music Composer iZLER of ABC's "REVENGE"

September 20, 201314 min
One of our favorites stopped by the podcast to promote the the upcoming release of the “Revenge” soundtrack, based on the hit ABC primetime television series. iZLER, the composer of the series, spoke about the behind the scenes featurette in the season two DVD set:

“I can’t wait for you to see the behind the scenes feature from episode 14 of last year. It’s just a great illustration of the chaos that goes into making this show. They really did a great job putting it together. Of course, they chose the most chaotic episode, outside of the finale, to follow me around on. I guess it makes for better viewing than anything that was nice and calm, which this most certainly wasn’t.”

iZLER then continues to talk about the upcoming soundtrack release, and how much time and effort went into incorporating the cues into this:

“It was endless. It took several weeks, because there was so much music to pick from. I had to really pick with the fans in mind. I couldn’t cram everything into this album, so maybe we could do a volume two of this album. However, right now, I had to pick what was really essential to the show. My first idea was to have it go in chronological order. Then, I rapidly realized that it would be an absolutely un-listenable album. It’s really constructed around the main theme. In that sense, you hear the first piece of music that you ever heard on ‘Revenge,’ to the last piece of music you heard in season two. It’s constructed to be a fun album.”

We talked more about the soundtrack, as well as us getting excited for the season three premiere of the series, which is set to air on Sunday, September 29 at 9/8c on ABC.

Fans are able to get a free download from the “Revenge” soundtrack by going to Watch a special introduction from iZLER on the site as well.

The season two DVD set of “Revenge,” as well as the soundtrack, will be available on Tuesday, August 20. Fans can pre-order the DVD box set right now at

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