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September 20, 201320 min
Jesse Lasky, a former NYC writer, is now living the west coast life in Los Angeles. He currently works as the associate producer of the hit ABC series, “Revenge,” which returns for its third season on Sunday, September 29. Today, fans are able to get his book, “Schooled in Revenge,” which is a spinoff of the series, at Amazon. Lasky stopped by the podcast to tell us a little about the book:

“It’s a novel about students of Takeda’s, who are out for vengeance. We have our main character, Ava, and we paint Napa Valley in the book as the Hamptons of the west coast. It’s this beautiful place, but has an underlying evil to it. There are people who are “Grayson” like in some ways. Ava was also betrayed, and she goes to seek vengeance. She also meets other students who are also seeking the same thing. It turns out their missions are intertwined. During the training, they find out information about these people, and they decide to leave Takeda’s camp early to go back to Napa to take down the people who wronged them. Emily Thorne also is in the book. One of the cool things people will see when they pick up the ‘Revenge’ season 2 DVD is a live-action trailer for the book. We cast the characters, including the actor who played Takeda, and it’s a blast.”

Lasky continued on about how the book concept came to light:

“ABC wanted to do a book that tied in to the show, much like how ‘Castle’ does books. The thing is that we tell so many stories on our show, we didn’t want to step on the show’s toes by possibly telling a story we maybe wanted to tell as the series’ progresses. The book came to my attention, I met with Hyperion, and I came up with this idea of, ‘Why not expand the show’s world?’ Takeda trained Emily, Aiden, and possible other Revengers out there. I was able to expend the ‘Revenge’ universe, introduce new characters, and also using existing ones like Takeda and Emily. It’s really cool.”

During the course of writing the novel, Lasky mentioned that he listened to iZLER’s music, the series’ music composer, as inspiration. We also talked more about the bonus features on the season two DVD set, which Lasky helped put together.

Also, Jesse writes pieces for the Huffington Post, which you can find at:

To purchase your copy of the book, “Schooled in Revenge” by Jesse Lasky, head to or click the following link:

The season two DVD box set of “Revenge,” as well as the official soundtrack of the series, are also released today, and can be purchased at both and

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