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March 23, 20164 min
My son recently joined the Marines and has been at boot camp for the past several weeks. I have been writing letters once a week because that is the only form of communication we are allowed. In the beginning I was dreding having to sit down and write an actual letter. It became more enjoyable than I had ever imagined. I decided to convert this one into audio. I have several more I am thinking about recording as well. I hope you enjoy this letter to my son, Christian.

One year before the big graduation day. A gallon of gas was .91 cents and I couldn't stop listening to Guns N' Roses. Big hair was in, speaking of big hair I could afford to see Big twice at the movies because tickets were $3.50. Welcome to the summer of 1988. Life was good to me that particular year. My first car was a 1971 Volvo. My brother, Larry tried his best to make me believe it was a cool car. “Looks a lot like a Mercedes,” he told me. I believe it lasted about a week before falling apart on the way to work on

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