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January 13, 201648 min
Hello there! Before we start this adventure together, I’m sure you’d love to learn a little bit about me. I am Alex Sumner, an old soul in a young body. I grew up here in Clarksville, TN as an only child and with a hard head as my mom tells me. I’ve always been a poetic free-spirit and could easily become lost in books and quotes and pictures that spoke to me. I always tried to write myself and even remember carrying sticky notes with me to the bath tub to jot down whatever was jogging my brain. I met my dear husband here in Clarksville at Northwest High School is 2006. In 2008 we began dating and by 2009 he had proposed to me with my first professional DSLR which ultimately began the start of my photography career (thanks babe!). We married in March of 2010 and expected our first sweet baby, Hunter, in October of 2011 and our second lullaby rockstar, Scarlett, in February 2013. While my husband may have began the dream that is my career, my children have definitely prolonged it. After

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