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Alexis Gomez On The Chris Top Program

June 7, 201536 min
Alexis Sarah Elizabeth, she sure has a lot of names! But right now, let's just go with Alexis! She's a six foot tall, blonde haired, Mexican briar! ...Again wierd, right? Yeah, but weird or not this girl can sing!
Alexis grew up in the Dayton area (with a short stint in Michigan) and has been singing and playing music for as long as she can remember. Her dad, brother, and sister are all musicians so she didn't really have much choice in the matter! As she got older, she joined the family band and it wasn't long before she was stealing the show. She plays guitar and piano, and dabbles around with a few other instruments to include banjo, bass and drums. That instrumental talent, combined with her clean country vocals has contributed greatly to her success. But it's also her songwriting that has been noticed and recognized in these last few years. She's won a number of local contests where she's been given the opportunity to showcase some of her original music. Alexis will te

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