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Alyssa Jacey On The Chris Top Program

July 10, 201456 min
Alyssa's career started by complete accident after she moved to LA in 2004 to pursue her life long passion as a hip-hop dancer/choreographer. Friends heard her singing to herself, forced her to try karaoke one night, and the rest is history. One year later, having never professionally sang or recorded, she released her first two albums, “The Alyssa Jacey” EP and “Closed eyes… …open Heart” LP. After submitting to the San Diego County Fair in 2005, she was hired to perform multiple shows there that summer and all around town. Later that year she picked up a guitar and spent hours a day teaching herself so that by only after three short weeks was able to perform 30-minute sets, accompanying herself. The following year, “The Soul” EP was released after being flown to Miami to record it. This was the first album Alyssa played acoustic guitar on, as well as debuting her percussion, egg shaking skills, which would later turn in to an unexpected path as a drummer!

“Turning Points” EP was re

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