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Aria Tesolin On The Chris Top Program

September 25, 201459 min
Pop classical singer Aria Tesolin was born in Mississauga, Ontario (next door to Toronto, Canada) with an amazing set of pipes. Fans have described her voice as ethereal, mesmerizing, and plain unforgettable. Known originally as the wunderkind with the operatic voice, fans describe Aria’s strikingly beautiful voice as majestic, ethereal and mesmerizing. She was the little 8 year old girl who stunned the globe on YouTube as the Youngest Opera Singer in the World, and released her first solo album Baby Soprano, a 14 track popular opera album at the age of 12.

But that just scratches the surface of this talented and complex artist, songwriter and spoken word poet. An intriguing young artist who wickedly defies categorization, Aria’s unforgettable music is attracting a global audience of cross-generational listeners. The fact that she’s only 21 adds to her mystique.

Aria’s fearlessly genre-crossing musical style delivers a a smooth intricacy that is easy on the ears, and a re

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