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Bringing Down Goliath

August 19, 201448 min
They say Justice is Blind, but when it comes to corruption in the judicial system, we can't turn a blind eye. We must not allow innocent people to get hurt while corrupt agents continue on with impunity. How can a free society's judicial system justly serve its people if self policing corrupt lawyers and judges infiltrate it? It only takes a few greedy and immoral agents to undermine a judicial system's integrity and deteriorate the citizens' faith in it. The over-site that governs lawyers in the U.S. is self policing and flawed and therefore must be addressed. We hope this movie will affect much needed regulatory changes and hold lawyers to a higher standard of accountability. This story is about Mercy Grant's fight and triumph over the machine of greed and corruption among lawyers in America. It is inspired by actual events.

DO YOU WANT TRUTH?? America as we know it is dying of an internal cancer called corruption and greed. Politicians and special interest groups on both sides of

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