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Chad Triplett On The Chris Top Program

August 14, 201448 min
Chad was born in shadow of The Appalachian Mountains in Western NC. Signed with label 23 Muzik Group in 2013, He asked for his first guitar at the age of 3 and quickly began imitating all the radio hero’s of the day. From Willie & Waylon to The Marshall Tucker Band & Glenn Campbell. Chad’s first song he sang on that ol plastic guitar was “Rhinestone Cowboy” then twenty sum old years rolled by before he picked up a real guitar. This time out of a longing or a calling you might say. Chad learned guitar after going thru a ugly divorce. Often he has said, “it was either buy a dog or a guitar, I figured a guitar was cheaper and easier…i may have been off the mark on that one.” Soon he learned how to put his thoughts and feelings in a song. He then formed “The Ramblin Gypsy Band” and began to play all over the east coast. They have opened for such greats as Jamey Johnson, Jason Michael Carroll, Confederate Railroad and Sunny Ledfurd. Honing there craft and paying there dues in such time hono

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