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Christen Chandler

April 13, 201557 min
Almost 5 1/2 years from today I had my first seizure. Years and years went by going from one neurologist to the next until I was referred to my present neurologist I have now at Vanderbilt University. The year 2014 I went through a full year of testing when they confirmed my seizures only came from one part of my brain,the right temporal lobe. When confirming my seizures only came from one part of my brain I became a candidate for brain surgery. All the tests lined up and on December 2nd of 2014 I had a right temporal lobe lobectomy and craniotomy. During all the testing and setting up for surgery, my husband at the time filed for divorce less than a week prior to my surgery. I did not sign, we are still currently going through the divorce. Unfortunately our two children will be gratefully affected by this divorce but making the best of the situation that we are in.
My surgery gave me back a life I have lost over the five years. My seizures and the medicine caused me to lose precious m

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