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Elizabeth Edmunds On The Chris Top Program

July 14, 201647 min
My name is Elizabeth Edmunds. I currently live in my hometown, Danville, Virginia. This summer, I am moving to back to what I like to call my "second" home in Atlanta, Georgia with my fiancé. Following this big step, I will certainly be on the move to continue a career with my music. Growing up, I have always been around music, with my father being a keyboardist and vocalist. My musical inspiration comes from a wide selection of artists and genres; ranging from Christina Aguilera to Hayley Williams, and pop to country. Aside from singing , I enjoy dabbling in the art of makeup, and spending as much time with family and friends as possible! So far, this year has been the biggest step for me in music. I have been able to record my first two singles "Done" (written by devoN Nickoles) and "Tangled" (written by Hollie Poole). These songs show two different ends of the spectrum. "Building a house together, and tearing one down." (In the words of John, my producer.) Although I will be continu

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