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Fiona Noakes On The Chris Top Program

September 28, 201451 min
Canadian singer songwriter Fiona Noakes is a fresh face to Ottawa’s music scene. For the past five years Fiona has been writing her own songs and honing her distinct style – a unique blend of alternating manic guitars and indie folk rhythms. Fiona’s lyrics catalogue an honest life of love, loss, and side trips. With a versatile background in acting and a voice to rival the likes of Bif Naked and Tegan and Sara, Fiona has grown from performing open mic nights to crowds of cheering fans at Ottawa’s Big Money Shot Contest.

Cliff Chamberlain joined Fiona in the band as lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Cliff’s experience playing for blues, rock and country bands provides the band with a diverse range in rock driven riffs that complement Fiona’s high-energy performances.

Danae Tsikouras is the drummer and backup singer for the band. A master at her craft, Danae brings indispensable rhythm and rock beats to the group.

Benoit L’Ecuyer is the bassist and last addition to the Fiona Noakes

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