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Jesse & Brittney On The Chris Top Program

May 19, 201654 min
" I got to know Jesse Knowles from his time working at food lion. This young man drug himself to work day after day while going through chemotherapy and battling cancer while so many look for any excuse to lay out of work and expect the government to take care of them. I have the utmost respect for this young man. I will be donating to his cause." -Corkie Knight Green

"Jesse is a friend of our oldest son. He has been fighting brain cancer off and on since he was about 14. He's a hard worker, a downright good guy, and he's also a volunteer firefighter at my old fire hall.
If you all could spread this around, I'd appreciate it. I'd love it if all of the public safety personnel in Livingston County, and beyond, would help Jesse pay for his trip to Colorado for his treatment. Please, donate a few bucks and share with your friends. God bless y'all!" -Robby Davidson

" He is a great young man and one hell of a firefighter." -Jason Smith

"Jesse and his family are great people. I got the pri

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