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Jessica Waters On The Chris Top Program

August 25, 201466 min
My life was forever changed when I was diagnosed with epilepsy only days before I turned 12. The feelings were overwhelming, but with a little help from a local camp, I found a smile and began to understand, I have epilepsy but it doesn't have me! Now, I am helping send other children to camp!

About Cupcakes for Camp
​With the help and creative minds of local bakeries, we promote the selling of special cupcakes to support children and teens with disabilities / Epilepsy. We hold fundraisers time to time and with the sale of cupcakes it helps send children to camp for a week. At Camp Flame Catcher kids learn to not let seizures hold them back, they learn they are not alone and they have a blast rock climbing, doing ropes courses, riding horses and swimming. For some of these kids these fun things are not always possible. Your support helps to pay or offset costs for this camp. On the last day of camp, doctors come in to talk to parents about new studies, new medications and to listen to

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