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November 19, 201443 min
Jesska has always been influenced by rock, folk, country, blues, rockabilly music. She was really drawn to the sounds of acoustic music and naturally likes Bob Dylan, he's an important artist for her. Bob Dylan inspired her to play harmonica. She began playing guitar at 15 years old and followed composing her own songs. Since that moment, Music never left her.

When Jesska was 16 years, Jesska tried to pass a casting to be a student in the Conservatory of Lyon in "Actual music sector". She passed it and stayed in this school for 2 years. The following year, Jesska had to sit an exam and decided to leave the Conservatory to tutored by one music teacher. That same year, she met the "Rock o féminin" team and did 2 concerts with them. One, at the Marquise, and the second, at Nakamal.

After that, she met Mickael Soler, an image professional, from "Music Prod", who worked with Jesska for her first music Clip, "Good day". Her exam passed, and decided to go back to the Conservatory where she

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