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July 10, 201556 min
I was born and raised in Spartanburg S.C. on April, 28th 1988 into a very God fearing, strict, conservative family that had it's own struggles. The youngest of only one older brother who was into football and making straight A's, I was always the artsy/A.D.D. one, finding solace through music.

When I was 7, my brother suggested that we get a piano so he could try and be good at yet another thing. For several months we both picked on it a couple times a week.

Before that, the only thing I had done musically was mimic Julie Andrews every night in the shower, and of course sing in the church choir beside my Father and Brother on Sundays.

Then after church one night when i was 8 years old, something lead me to the piano as soon as we walked through the house door, and it all clicked. The very last song they played as we were walking out of the church doors shaking hands to go home, was the very first one I played all the way through from start to finish, without any hesitation, and with

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