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Justin Myers On The Chris Top Program

March 17, 201649 min
Justin Myers was born on Oct.16th in Thomasville, GA to parents Larry and Georgia. Justin is the youngest of four kids and the only boy in the bunch. When Justin’s parents met, Georgia already had three daughters, but the term “step” was never used. They were a family. This strong family bond is the foundation for Justin’s morals and beliefs. At the age of six, Georgia’s career brought the family to Nashville. This is where Justin’s journey began. “I was very fortunate. I grew up in a house where “can’t” was never a word that was used when it came to dreams.”

A dreamer is exactly what Justin remains to this day. Since a young age Justin seemed destined for his life to involve a crowd. But, music wasn’t always the road. Ice hockey became a fast obsession is Justin’s life and from the day he laced on skates it was his goal to play in the NHL. From travel leagues, all-star teams, and hockey schools in Canada, Justin lived and breathed the game. “I was lucky, and my parents supported and

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