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Lauren Silva On The Chris Top Program

June 26, 201428 min
The soulful voice of Austin-based R&B, soul and pop singer-songwriter Lauren Silva leads listeners to wonder how someone so young can sing of life so authentically. But with a career that began with singing, dancing, and acting at the age of five and now includes touring nation-wide and writing and producing her own music and videos, she has a lifetime of experience.

And still there’s something more behind the perfect pitch tone she passionately belts out. In the midst of a successful childhood career that included dancing, acting, singing and modeling, the tragic death of her best friend and cast mate led her to years of challenges with substance issues and gang influence. Extracting herself by sheer inner strength and her spiritual practices she poured herself into her passion for creating and performing with amazing results. Not content to simply perform and take a bow, Lauren uses her experiences to inspire and mentor youth throughout the country by working with organizations assi

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