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Lizzy McAvoy On The Chris Top Program

November 10, 201652 min
Growing up among the cornfields and cow pastures of Central Ohio, Lizzy discovered music at an early age. She took the stage for the first time at age four, starring as Molly in the Summer
Stock production of "Annie". Lizzy soon changed her childhood dreams of Broadway, softball and cooking school when she wrote her first song, Close Your Eyes, in remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy at age eleven. She soon realized the impact music could have on people. Lizzy’s parents realized this too and introduced her to her first true love, Marty (a sparkly new Martin DC-16). Lizzy began writing and performing her songs back in her hometown of Newark, but always had the dream of coming to Nashville. Many road trips, songwriting workshops and lessons later, Lizzy and her family moved to Music City two weeks after Lizzy's sixteenth birthday. Soon after, she met her first publishing company, signing her first deal just two years later. Lizzy formed a band (which you can see her perform with to this day),

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