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Mandee Woods On The Chris Top Program

February 25, 201555 min
Mandee Woods is a Canadian recording artist; singer-songwriter

Her sound can be described as Adult Contemporary with a Pop-Country twist. Mandee has been involved in many projects over her musical career, but has now fallen into the place she's always wanted to be.

Mandee comes from a musical family, and has spent her life in the midst of talented musicians/artists.She's been performing all her life, and continues to call the stage her home.

Mandee has had great opportunities to play on some of the biggest stages,and plans to perform on many more in the future.

Mandee has gained lots of recognition for her talents.

She has been featured in many great articles displayed on social media and in Newspapers. Since the release of her EP "Transformation" she has been interviewed on many radio stations around the world, and currently her music is being played in the United States, Canada, and Germany.

She has worked alongside some of Canada's top musicians, and ha

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