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Melissa Mickelson

August 20, 201447 min
It's time for music to renew a relationship between the artist and the listener. Sure, those songs of summer are fun, but people want music that can touch their lives. The kind of music that makes you think, "Yah, this is totally what I'm dealing with" and you turn the volume up a little louder than it should be. Real music for real people. Melissa Mickelson grew up as an Air Force brat which brought her from California to Oklahoma to Texas and eventually Oregon. The experiences in these very different states has shaped Melissa's values and her musical interests. Growing up in a Spanish speaking household, Luis Miguel was the voice that made the whole family dance. With her father in Oklahoma and Texas her best memories are listening to the vinyls of the likes of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. For as long as she can remember she found herself singing in her hairbrush and dreaming of being on the stage in the bright lights. Today she is still chasing that dream. Surroun

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