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Mistress Belmont

September 14, 201448 min
I was trained by Steve Bradley starting in early 2004. My younger brother (who is "The Butcher" Jon Poe and a very big guy) was noticed at a local wrestling show and ended up being recruited by Steve in late 2003. He immediately contacted me, once he joined the school, and I joined shortly after. I'd always wanted to get into wrestling, so I took out a loan and began to train 3 days a week for four years, until Steve's death in 2008. A little less than a year later I debuted as "The Slave Girl" for Steve's Wrestling Federation of America. Shortly after I began wrestling for WFA I began working for World Women's Wrestling, the women's division of Sheldon Golberg's New England Championship Wrestling. That's pretty much how I got my start. I work all over New England and have wrestled several times for NCW Femmes Fatales in Montreal.

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