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Myra Goldick On The Chris Top Program

October 12, 201452 min
Myra Goldick is a Speaker, Author, Talkshow Host, Professional Artist, Coach
Myra Goldick, disability advocate, fueled by passion, creativity, and Perseverance...

Myra's mission is to enhance people's lives by spreading creative energy to others, which generates a domino effect and ultimately enriches everyone's well-being, including her own. While inspiring and motivating others to " Dance On Their Disabilities" and to "Never Say Impossible to Their Dreams" she creates a strong positive energy..

She not only writes about this theory in books she has authored, but also delivers a powerful message in her keynotes. Myra paints pictures with her words as she does on her canvas, up-lifting audiences to search within themselves and unleash their own creativity.

Myra is a survivor who says, "that everyone deserves happiness and success, and it's there for the taking, if are you willing to do what is necessary to achieve what you really want, despite life's adversities". "Happiness is ther

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