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October 15, 201445 min
"Stay - Stay with me a night or two – Don’t go .. - I love to spend my time with you - Breathe ... "
These are some of the words Pearl is singing in her beautiful video Stay. The song, which she herself has written, clearly gets to the center of Pearl’s core expression. This woman knows how to evoke a musical presence that is unique. A presence that draws in the listener… Draw us into a music, which on the one hand is very incentive and on the other hand rests in its own tranquility.
The aim of Pearl’s artistic expression is indeed, as she says, to create an atmosphere of peace, space and joy, and the video Stay is a seductive still life in which Pearl conjures a sensuality many can only dream of. A universe where passion and desire, finely understated, simmer beneath the surface.
Pearl’s music is an exciting blend of Soul, R & B, Reggae, Pop and World and following the tradition of singers like Sade, Jill Scott and India Arie, she explores a musical universe in which something deli

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