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Pete Kennedy Interview

May 30, 201467 min
As an Irish-born heartthrob with a vibrant attitude that reflects American country rock, Pete Kennedy has been compared to such legends as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Neil Diamond, bringing a fresh new voice, prestigious musicianship, and an Irish accent that will make the ladies weak in the knees. His Irish ballads are the perfect compliment to American country music, quickly turning him into an international sensation in the making and a shoo-in for the CMAs. With no question, Pete’s music will make you press the “repeat” button, with hits like “I Am the One,” “Yellow,” and “Love You Anyway,” that have received recognition both here in the states and CMA to overseas in the UK. His easygoing vocals, musicality, and lyrics have created depth and sincerity to subjects that we all can sympathize with; dealing with our own battles that life throws at us to relationships. Isn’t that what successful country records are all about?
Raised along the Irish countryside with a family of five

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