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Roger Jaeger On The Chris Top Program

August 17, 201547 min
Roger Jaeger’s reputation precedes him. While it’s easy to be captivated by this Oklahoma native’s tasty originals that would make any food critic salivate, it’s the combination of what you hear, and who Roger is as a person, that makes him a must-see.

For the year of 2005, Roger moved to India, where he learned to make the perfect cup of chai but more importantly, it was that same year when after being inspired by a track on Jeff Buckley's “Grace,” he met and fell in love with playing the sitar. Roger developed a strong devotion and passion for India, its people, and its culture. While there, all too suddenly, he became seriously ill with ulcerative colitis. After spending some days in the hospital in New Delhi, and then continuing the healing process for some years in his hometown, Roger developed a renewed sense of purpose, and his music took on a whole new meaning.

His debut release “Sunrise” (2004) and his sophomore record “Beacon” (2013), both share a recurring theme of light.

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