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Saskia On The Chris Top Program

October 1, 201454 min
Saskia is proud to have grown up in a little town in the North East of England just outside of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She has always sung, and had a real love of Country music from a very young age. Her parents have really eclectic musical tastes which they have passed down to Saskia. They would always play music in the house and this is where she first heard some of her favourite artists such as Bob Dylan...Bruce Springsteen...Carole King...Dolly Parton...Otis Reading and most importantly to Saskia...The Dixie Chicks.

All these artists tell a story and they inspired her to try and do the same.

Saskia has spent her formative career portraying different people, having worked in Musical Theatre for the last 6 years, always taking on another alias for each production. Now she wants to be herself, tell her story and do that through her music.

While recording some tracks for another project at Rodel Sound studio in South East London, Saskia's Country/Folk style was spotted by producer Dan

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