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Stephanie Grace Interview

May 16, 201468 min
A vibrant force on the scene, Stephanie Grace is ready to stake her claim in country music with electrifying vocals,
genuinely sweet songs, and an exuberantly fresh personality that is mixed with a dose of attitude, charisma and charm.
With her roots laid down in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, a small town near Reading and not far from Philadelphia,
Stephanie has always been around country music.
“Country was literally all I listened to,” remembers Stephanie. “My parents listened to country radio all the time and
my mom used to play Lorrie Morgan in the car on the way to school, and I'd sing along.”
Stephanie has always had a passion for singing, even though shyness kept her from singing on stage.
“When I was two, I picked up an egg beater and sang into it like it was a microphone,” recalls Stephanie. “When we
would sit in a circle singing songs in kindergarten, I always sang the loudest, but the thought of ever singing in front of
people terrified me.”
That was until she decided to sing

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