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April 13, 201557 min
Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a survivor of attempted suicide. I am starting this blog in the hopes of reaching as many people as I can who have ever thought even for a mere second that suicide is the answer to their pain. In my blog, I will be real, honest, and completely sincere. You will come to understand that I am not ashamed of where I have been. It is what makes me who I am today.
I have struggled my entire life with thoughts of suicide. I can remember at 15 wanting the pain inside me to end, and I just wanted to die. I grew up in a terribly abusive home. My mom was physically abusive and crazy. My step dad abused me sexually from a very young age. The first time I remember I was 5. Throughout my childhood this abuse continued. At the age of 15 I took my step dads gun to my closet and contemplated taking my life. Somewhere deep inside of me realized I just couldn't do it. The age of 17 I left home and never looked back. I married at 18 and continued to struggle with thoug

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