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The Chris Top Program 09.08.14

September 8, 201439 min
Destiny was trained in a rough and tumble style. Not surprisingly, in what she observed during training, Destiny not only learned to wrestle, she also learned to do whatever is needed to get whatever she wants. And for nearly a decade in professional wrestling, Destiny has been doing just that.

In the ring, she uses a mix of technical and brawling skills to get what she wants – victories. As the self-professed Queen of Destruction, she likes to destroy her opponent's will to compete with submission holds like the torture rack and the figure four leg lock.

"When I get them where I want them, I hit them with the Shockwave!" she said. "That's a reverse torture rack into a neck breaker. No one is going to get up from that!"

In keeping with the theme of doing whatever is needed to get what she wants, Destiny draw a lot of motivation from her personal experiences.

"I was involved with an abusive man," she said. "I learned that I had to take control of my life and not let someone else con

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