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The Chris Top Program 09.28.14

September 28, 201434 min
Bernie Nelson’s name is synonymous with country music hits. Look at the list of songwriters on any hit country track in the past few decades, and more likely than not, you’ll find Nelson’s name.
Nelson is one of the most sought-after songwriters in the industry. With more than 25 million records sold, it’s no wonder. His discography includes credits for hits like Trace Adkins’ “I Can Only Love You Like a Man,” The Oak Ridge Boys’ “The Power of Goodbye,” Kenny Chesney and Wynonna’s “It’s Never Easy to Say Goodbye,” country standard “Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind” and countless others.
The timeless quality of his music is most evident in his skilled lyricism. Shedding the flashy gimmicks of much of today’s fad music, Nelson instead focuses on delivering the tried-and-true – simple, honest and thought-provoking lyrics.
But Nelson is not just a great songwriter, he’s also a talented Nashville recording artist. With the upcoming release of his debut album, “Blue,” performing to captivat

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