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The Grimps On The Chris Top Program

September 28, 201448 min
Meet Winston, Mac, Emerson and Moonie or better known to their
adoring fans as The Grimps. What their fans don’t know is that these
four chaps were cursed by an evil wizard named Spector 500 years
ago to become hairy, scary little creatures. Luckily the lads never
Their buddy Alex, or Magic Alex as The Grimps call him was cursed
right along with them. Magic Alex is determined to crack Spector’s
curse and it takes him the next 500 years to find a spell that does
it ….But only half way with all of them becoming humans by night
and changing back to creatures by day. The Grimps also try to help
Magic Alex find that magic solution and are often enlisted to find
ingredients for the latest spell.
The Grimp, as crazy as they are, rely on Magic Alex as their “go to
guy”. He functions as their manager in human form and their wizard in his creature form.
If he could just, reverse the original curse permanently, so he and The Grimps would be humans for 24
hours a day, everyday, that would be

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