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The Jayce Whisenhunt Story

May 10, 201619 min
Are we missing the real story? Has everyone finished pointing fingers? We are going to talk it out on The Chris Top Progrm. Anyone wishing to contribute to Jayce's Prom please follow the link below.

Jayce is a senior at Montgomery Central High School in Clarksville, TN. He is a special needs student and has been attending a feeder program all year at an off-site location. When he was thinking about going to prom he couldn't think of anyone to take as a date. He has no girlfriend or female friends that he felt comfortable going with, so he asked his sister. Sweet Jessica accepted his invitation. Both got dressed up and looked great! Jayce even had a suit bought for him by a friend of his father for $400 and their father made sure both had flowers to wear to the big dance! They took pictures, went to dinner, and even did a bit of shopping before heading to the event with so much excitement! When they arrived, that excitement turned to sadness and tears. Jayce and his family were never

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