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The Mike Ure Band Interview

June 19, 201432 min
The Mike Ure Band, consisting of four young, talented musicians, is one of the hottest country acts in the Windsor Essex-County region today. Playing at such big events such as the Rock N’ Horse Fest, the LaSalle Strawberry Festival, the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival and many more, they’ve quickly expanded their fan base and left their mark on the Windsor Region.

Lead singer, Michael Ure, was born and raised in a country environment in his Harrow, Ontario home and grew up only to find a passion for playing guitar and writing his own music. Starting off playing small town gigs in bars and restaurants, Ure thirsted to expand his horizons and promote his talent to a wider audience In the winter of 2012, he beat out hundreds of other competing artists and was invited to open for YouTube renowned artist, Tyler Ward, at the Sound Academy in Toronto.

Mike quickly reached out to his old musical friends, Alex Seguin, Dean Mailloux and Aidan Johnson-Bujold, and asked them to accom

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