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Travis Dukes On The Chris Top Program

August 17, 201546 min
While Muhlenberg County, Ky., is well known for its rich veins of coal, it's also known for its wealth of musicians, singers and songwriters.

Travis Dukes, a coal miner's son, grew up singing in the church choir as a boy andlater made his way through college performing in various venues around Bowling Green.

With a home base in Nashville, the multi-talented singer, songwriter and performer is opening for acts like the up and coming Charlie Worsham and 90s country hit maker Billy Dean.

A graduate of Western Kentucky University with a degree in special education, Travis taught in the Williamson County, Tenn., school district for three years before making music his full-time profession.

“I learned a lot from the kiddos,” said Travis. "Patience is key.”

With roots in gospel, his varied influences also include the music of Nirvana, Garth Brooks, Tom Petty and Eminem.

“I really get into the storytellers,” said Travis. “It's how a story is shared through music that relates to everyone.”

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