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June 26, 201447 min
Vanessa Marie Carter was born in White Rock, British Columbia and moved to Oakville, Ontario at the age of two. Most of her life has been dedicated to her love of the performing arts. She began dancing at the age of three and danced competitively until she was finished High School. At a young age, her love of dance and live performance led her into the world of Musical Theatre and soon after she began focusing most of her time on singing. She had a dedicated professional vocal coach and naturally fell into the country genre.

By the age of twelve, Vanessa was a veteran of musical theatre, having already had the lead role in several local theatre productions. As a teen, she co- wrote and performed several songs with her best friend and sang wherever she could, including as a soloist at many company parties, weddings and other corporate functions. Her love for performing in front of an audience was developing rapidly. “I have a huge extended family…many of my cousins and uncles are incre

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