The Cindy Paulos Show


February 22, 20172 min
Lord be with me and teach me
How to accept it all
To breath it in and love it
all of the vanities that bring the fall

all the seeking and what's been found
all of the memories of heavens ecstasy
and hopes to one day find
The communion of some common ground

Help me accept the love that is offered
and the vague mists of times fine lines
accept the laughter and the stories
and the way we lose and what we find

All of this life and vague reflections
all it takes to be
able to just accept myself
and the chains of Maya's dreams

I accept the truth within
and how it up my eyes
what i wish to be revealed
all the beauty and life's mysteries

I accept it all and laugh
And know the presence is always there
I don't hold back and hide
From living with the love of light
And my souls true purpose in life

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