The Cindy Paulos Show

Breaking through

March 11, 20171 min
breaking through the thoughts
and all the worries that appear
to find that moment of great silence
To a breathe of inspiration past illusion here

Spirit is always waiting
in the veil behind the net
the dreamweavers web of magic
holds us as partners in that promise made

as in life we rise and fall
to the heights and timed out depths
learning and always growing
how to awaken in time that's left

Our Father God and His sacred son
our Mother and Her mercy flung
across the universe and stars for us to see
with these whispers of love that speak
in the echoes of the life we lead

and we are pushed to breaking
through the limitations life impose
all the risks we are taking
that can lead us back to know

how to really love the game
and what we choose to give in life
as disciples on the long strange path
that leads us to the eternal light

and the Father Mother and the Holy Son
offer their blessings every day
and in recognition we can stop and pray
and say thank you God every day

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