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Bring on the light

December 20, 20161 min
it is time to light the Yule log
and ring the bells of dawn
to bring forth the eternal light
for there has been this darkness
for what seems way too long

and the heart yearns for love
to hel make wrong things right
so bring on the light my fellow travelers
and embrace a higher sight

there are those who have held the torch so long
and many pilgrims have now passed on
and now there is a new generation
that is waiting to carry on

bring on the light my Lord and teacher
bring us a way to see
there needs to be a vision held
that can set the chained lives free

bring on the light
let the time for joy be
to lead us out of this darkness
and find a way to be complete

if we all could light a Candle
if we all could take the time
we could spread great light across this planet
and help to bring more truth to all mankind

so on this winter solstice
on the longest night of the year
lead us out of darkness lord
and bring us a brighter new year

bring on the light
bring on the light

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