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Christmas message

December 25, 20161 min
what is the greatest gift
that you could give to the world?
what offering would you make
what would it really take
to be a servant of the lords way

God has given us his gift
his deepest love to share
with the birth of Christ in us
we can be the living light of that gift
And share his blessings here

there are many precious petals from the garden
that fall along the path you choose
there are many candles lit
with prayers to be strong and be renewed

there are miracles that happen
there are hymns to God to sing
and there is this Holy Spirit that comes
to bring new light so we can see

and the greatest gift we know
is the love that God did show
with the birth of Christ's great light
that still within our soul resides

we can offer that love back
with each kind and thoughtful act
we can keep that love in us alive
by allowing the presence of light
to shine forth so very bright

with acts of love and good will
we can can be a disciple
with our purpose fulfilled
a bearer of the

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