The Cindy Paulos Show

Easter morn

April 16, 20171 min
lord I turn to you
with my mind, body and soul I merge with you
and embrace the power of your transformation
so I may become mirror of your truth

lord and teacher
I ask to learn from you
How to release the ego
and lay down the cross of separation
to find the universal light of the cosmic soul

a light that purifies all life
with the Holy waters from the fountain
in the Garden of heaven sacred Source
to baptize us from chalice poured down to earth

I open my mind to the infinite universe
and accept the mantle offered
the robe of the Mothers protection
and honor the sacrifice the Master made
to show us how to find the truth of truths
in how to be born anew

I thank you Jesus Christ
for this gift of your blessed light
I rededicate my purpose on this Easter morn
to celebrate the joy of the risen Son

merge in Christ consciousness today
embrace unconditional loves way
find the I am that I am resurrected
in the light of the Christ mind consciousness found in God's divine embrace

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