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I welcome this Day

January 28, 20172 min
I welcome this day
with an open heart and mind
I breathe in the presence of love divine
for I believe God is Good all the time

and as I see the good in me
I can see this good in others too
for I realize that I project on others
what it is I need to learn and do

there is such a magic in creation
and such beauty to be seen
Lord let my eyes be open
to the miracles in life you bring

so Sweet blessings that come
in such mysterious ways
in random acts of kindness
when you live with love each day

I welcome this day and listen
to the song that the universe sings
the music of creation is so glorious
and it's vibration is Alive in everything

thank you God for this day
and the opportunity to be
present here in paradise
with the gifts this body mind and spirit brings

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