The Cindy Paulos Show

just Be

February 3, 20173 min
I can be and just be
I can breathe and just breathe
being, breathing, so alive
with each moment
completely whole in the light

I can let go of ego
I can embrace all I face
I can truly love myself
and the human race

I let go of who I'm supposed to be
I'm ok with this vast diversity
I am nothing and I am all
that I am that I am that's evolved

present here in this breath of life
is the universal presence sensed
part of the creation s possibilities
accepting this beingness in infinity

and here is the great mystery
your prayers are always heard
and your hearts true intent observed
and those feelings your concealing
all part of pure soul of just being

here and now in this moment
past defining any meaning
the Word of God is revealing
the am that i am in being

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