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Let God be in control

November 1, 20162 min
often we find that there is so much to do
and we wonder how we'll find a way
to get everything we need done
and if it will all turn out ok

so we stop and take a moment
we find a way to find the time
to still our busy schedules
to go to the place of peace inside

we breathe in that great peace
we breathe in that grace of light
we balance both our left and right
and discover it will be alright

yes we all will find a way
to get through what we need to do each day
if we just let go of ego
if we turn it over to God control

if we find that smile and release
the worries that disturb our peace
if we just take a deep breath and let it be
and get past the dramas that we dream

it's all will pass and we'll see
we don't need to stress
and it does not help to worry
if we are trust in God's great mercy

so don't be overwhelmed
and don't allow yourself to be brought down
there a better way to be
just find that place of peace

and be thankful for strength
that comes to you when you pray

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