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miracle of Miracles

January 15, 20172 min
mother Mary I do Pray to understand
what is beyond this idea of beyond
what is here right now
just another chance to experience
what the minds perception allows

what is there that waits to be found
that opening present in you and I
for every breath can awaken you
and every death brings an awakening too

every now encounter
and each breath that you take
brings you back to you
and that spirit that lives forever
that gives you so many chances
to live and play and do

there is this infinite field of light
with prisms of Gods endless rainbow of rays
vibrate in our consciousness
as we participate with life each day

with every birth here on earth
there is this kiss of Gods great Love
that is just waiting to be known
alive right here in our heart and soul
that this radiant beauty
can blossom and unfold
if we allow it to grow

right here in this moment
beyond yesterday and our dreams
we can embrace the magic
of this ultimate reality
that brings us to another awakening

and thi

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