The Cindy Paulos Show


October 9, 20162 min
can we have the patience
to try to understand
that all good things take time
and thise is part of living
in the world of man

in time all things are revealed
in time we learn and grow
with each breath we have a choice
and in that choice the seeds are thrown

patience is a gift
that help to lift the load
so breathe in deep and realize
that you need to wait in life to know

slowing down gives us time
to see what's really going on
and if we slow down enough
we can stop and find the power to find

what we really need to accept
is if we have patience with ourself
we can have patience with others too
and accept we all are trying to do are best we can

when you are stuck just to let it go
and realize that things take time
and we can rise above
if we just let God be in control

for what we are running to
we will get to in good time
we are always with ourself
and that spirit that's inside

being calm and patience
holds a power divine
being centered in our self
is being in the p

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